Arachneressa is a Spider girl.

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black

Physical appearanceEdit

Arachneressa has red eyes and short, black hair. She has four arms, 2-inch claws, and two rows of razor sharp teeth. She wears a skintight black suit with a red hourglass shape in the abdominal region. Her body has an hourglass figure.


Arachneressa is very skilled in being sneaky. She'll spend most of her time in the trees, on a ceiling/wall, or in her web. If she has a target, she'll hunt them down and tie them up in webbing, the rest is best left unkown.


When she transforms, Arachneressa possesses six-inch claws, and three rows of 3-inch teeth. Rather than the skin around her teeth receding, it splits from the rest of her head and grows teeth to take the appearance of mandibles. Her eyes take on a shade of red everywhere, rather than just on the irises.


Arachneressa is able to dig her claws into walls and ceilings to climb on them. Her claws can dig can dig into substances as strong as stone, but can't dig into iron, steel, diamond, etc. Her fingers also contain spinnerets, so she is able to spin webs. She is also very stealthy, she was even a spy once. But she was let go because of her flirtatious tendencies.