Aspie is a Nightmare who performs on stage as a singer

ID Tag: (SP)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Purple

Physical Appearance Edit

Aspie possesses 1-inch claws, yellow eyes, pointed teeth, and medium-length blonde hair(Though he often dyes it purple). His eyes constantly emit a soft glow, but he seems to be able to make them intensify and be used as spotlights. He often wears a yellow raincoat on top of a purple t-shirt, he also wears purple jean shorts.

Persona Edit

Aspie is known for his energetic personality, but he tends to act more seductively around women. He often uses the words "sweetie" and "my love" to refer to his friends, male or female.

Relationships Edit

Aspie is Zachary's adoptive brother.

Transformation Edit

When Aspie transforms he possesses 3-inch claws, and two rows of 2-inch teeth. There are eyes on his biceps, legs and torso.

Abilities Edit

Aspie's eyelights seem to strip beings of any power they have when they are in his light. He can also use this to scare away things that are afraid of light.