Carl is a cyborg Nightmare who often performs comedy routines.

ID Tag: (C)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Left, red; right, blue
Hair Color: Brown

Physical appearance Edit

Carl has one blue eye, one red metal eye, medium length brown hair, and a metal arm. He possesses 1-inch claws and pointed teeth.

Persona Edit

Carl is often described as "witty and funny". He usually enjoys incorporating jokes into conversation. When against an opponent, he often becomes sarcastic and insults them. His left eye is also equipped with a high-powered laser.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Carl's claws grow to 3 inches long, and he grows two rows of 2-inch metal teeth. His metal eye changes to have a more rigid gray sclera with a red iris(similar to Nightmare Chica), and white pupil. His skeleton becomes metal as well.

Abilities Edit

Carl has a laser integrated into his metal eye. He can also integrate various weapons into himself.

History Edit

Carl used to be a construction worker until an explosion took of his arm. Feeling like a freak, he decided to flee to an abandoned house where he would build himself a new arm. However, another explosion took out his eye and he mistook an injection of Nightmare Serum for an antibiotic. He decided to be a comedian because(until he ran into the others)it was all he had left.