Derick is a Nightmare who has spent his immortality catching every disease known to man.

ID Tag: (D)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Green

Physical Appearance Edit

Derick looks like a 32 year old man with medium-length dark green hair and yellow eyes. He possesses 1-inch claws, pointed teeth, and a horizontal slit in his belly. He often wears a green sweater and yellow sweatpants. His claws often leak green slime.

Persona Edit

Derick is very lazy, he often sits or lies down somewhere and only chimes in when he wants to. He is described as "cool" by Sahara. In battle, Derick tends to pull his internal organs out through his belly slit and throw them at his opponent. The organ then explodes into toxic goo. He also vomits a toxic bile at his opponents.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Derick possesses 3-inch claws and two rows of 2-inch teeth. His belly slit also grows pointed teeth.

Abilities Edit

Derick is able to survive without many of his organs, but he seems to be able to regenerate them at will.

History Edit

Derick says that he's been trying to catch diseases so that scientists can one day use him to invent cures.