Jack Carver is a Nightmare who's strangely pumpkin-like.

Jack Carver
ID Tag: (JC)
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: Green

Physical appearanceEdit

Jack has medium length green hair and orange skin. He has no eyes, just empty sockets that emit a strong orange glow, his mouth also glows. He posses 1-inch claws and pointed teeth. He wears an orange shirt and orange pants. He always carries a carving knife, and sometimes a Jack O' Lantern.


Jack loves everything about halloween. He calls himself "The King of Halloween". He's usually friendly, but don't go dissing his favorite holiday. If you get him really mad, then he'll probably carve out your eyes, hollow your head out, then stick a candle in you.


Jack is able to breath fire, and has a control over pumpkin vines.


Pumpvin is a sentient mass of pumpkin vines created by Jack Carver. He is basically just a mass of pumpkin vines with pumpkins attached to them.