Kadie, also known as The Kaleidoscope Diva, is a Nightmare with colorful everything.

ID Tag: (KD)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Multi
Hair Color: Multi

Physical appearance Edit

Kadie can change her eyes to any color(but she usually keeps a rainbow effect to them). She has long hair that trails from red, to orange, then yellow, then green, then blue, then violet, but she can also change her hair color at will. She posses 1-inch claws(Which take on the same coloration as her hair) and pointed teeth. She wears a vertically striped rainbow dress, a "Rainbowtie" and Rainbow colored shoes.

Persona Edit

Kadie is "lively and easily excited." When she performs on stage, she tends to make her hair and claws pulsate their colors, and make her eyes cycle through colors. She also tends to change her colors depending on her current emotion.

Abilities Edit

Kadie is able to summon a colorful fog which blinds her opponents. She calls this her "Kaleidoscope Haze."


Kamilla is Kadie's pet chameleon. She follows Kadie everywhere unless in a cage.