Knick-Knack(aka Knick or AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!)is a very sneaky, and horrific monster.

ID Tag: (KK)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Eye Color: None
Hair Color: None

Physical appearanceEdit

Knick-Knack is essentially just a slithering pile of wires with a face on top. Each of the wires end in various weaponry (mostly knives), but there are a few empty wired which appear to be frayed at the ends. His face is never revealed, as he always wears a vendetta mask.


Knick-Knack is not right in the head, he loves to kill.


Knick-Knack is very stealthy, he is able to slither along very quickly, as well as hang from the ceiling(Using his knives a grapplers). His most iconic move is cutting a hole in a wall and slithering his wires into the hole to give him the appearance of an ornamental mask on the wall. He can also slither his wires under him so he stands at the height of a human. When he does this, he puts a torn black cloak over himself which even tends to cover his mask.


Knick-Knack has the following attached to his wires: a ballistic knife, a bayonet, a butterfly knife, a dagger, a bowie knife, a rampuri, a throwing knife, a trench knife, and a circular saw.