Marcus is a Nightmare, and Steve's honorary brother.

ID Tag: (M)
Age: 69 (stopped aging at 35)
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Black

Physical appearance Edit

Marcus has short black hair, silver eyes, and pointed teeth. He possesses claws that look similar to corkscrews, and they are able to spin as well. The claws are longer than they appear, but they stick out 1 inch from each finger. His tongue is probably his most remarkable feature, as he is able to make it grow at an amazing rate - 10 feet in 3 seconds - and can also make it grow as long as he wants. Whenever he is done with his tongue's current length, he is able to bite the excess off since its wounds can heal almost instantaneously. His tongue seems to need a lot of blood flow as the excess deteriorates away seconds after he bites it off. When not in use, he keeps his tongue at 1 foot in length. He usually wears mole skin pants and a gray vest.

Persona Edit

Marcus is very perverted and will go after almost any girl he sees. He also tends to talk about very inappropriate things at bad times.

Relationships Edit

Marcus is Steve's honorary brother, and the uncle to Sahara and Gobi.

Abilities Edit

Marcus is able to burrow underground at great speeds. He often uses his tongue for restraining purposes in combat, but he also tends to take advantageof this when his opponent is female.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Marcus' claws stick 3 inches out from the fingers. His mouth turns into a hole filled with rings of corkscrew teeth similar to the Whispering Death, and his tongue grows teeth as well, appearing in rings of four. All of his teeth can rotate.

History Edit

He does now what he always did before: stare at women. Only now he can tunnel to them. Marcus states that the only reason he never attempts to settle down with anyone is because he doesn't age.


Connie is Marcus's pet mole. She is a star nosed mole who often helps with his tunneling.