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Welcome to the Nightdreams wiki! A wiki about a wonderfully horrific world where anything can go the best possible way! The Nightdream Universe is filled with strange things so try your best to keep sane! These characters and locations all originated from a roleplay called Nightmares and Daydreams.

The SerumEdit

The Nightmare serum is an injection formula developed by Russian scientists, Samanthera and Isabellonker. The serum was first developed as a gaseous substance designed to keep the subjects awake for days at a time, but the experiment was halted when it's last remaining subjects where shot by staff. Samanthera and Isabellonker took it upon themselves to develop the substance into a serum designed to don subjects with immortality and an increased resistance to sleep deprivation. Due to lack of subjects Samanthera and Isabellonker used the serum on themselves. Samanthera and Isabellonker disappeared shortly after their experiment but others have since gotten their hands on the serum, so it is still found in some places.

The NightmaresEdit

The Nightmares are the original group of people unfortunate enough to come across the serum. After realizing they could no longer fit in with society, they sought refuge in an old abandoned house in the middle of a forest. However, they didn't stay alone for long.

Latest activityEdit

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