Sahara is the female of the twin Dolls

ID Tag: (♀)
Age: 7
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Unknown
Hair Color: Brown

Physical appearance Edit

Sahara looks like a seven-year-old girl with brown hair styled in pigtails. She possesses half-inch claws, and her mouth is armed with pointed teeth. Her eyes are stitched shut, so she is blind but her other senses are increased. She usually wears a red and black striped tank top and jean shorts. She often carries a dagger with her.

Persona Edit

Sahara is described as a tomboy, she takes no interest in girly things. That being said she retains a childish state of mind and is often found playing with her brother, Gobi. She enjoys setting up elaborate traps designed to cause injury/severe pain to people she doesn't like. She is usually seen to be very loud and energetic. Her combet usually involves her throwing beartraps at her opponents.

Relationships Edit

Sahara is Steve's daughter, Gobi's twin sister, and Marcus's niece.

Transformation Edit

When she transforms, Sahara possesses 3-inch claws and two rows of teeth. Sahara also wields a gigantic knife which is so big that she has to use both of her hands to drag it along the ground.

Abilities Edit

Being blind, Sahara has an overdeveloped sense of hearing.

History Edit

Sahara was abandoned by her parents by her parents and was left alone with Gobi until she met Steve.