Supai Ningyō is a Doll, a spy, and Yoyu's sister.

ID Tag: (SN)
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

Physical appearanceEdit

Supai has shoulder-length black hair and blue eyes. She possesses 1-inch retractable claws and pointed teeth. She often wears a red kimono with extremely long sleeves that almost drag on the ground and purple floral patterns and red sandals. She also carries a red oil-paper parasol with blue floral patterns and a red foldable fan with yellow floral patterns. When she's working, she wears a skintight black suit.


Supai is serious about her work. Outside of work she lives a luxurious life passed on to her by her sister Yoyu. If someone messes with her or her sister, she hunts them down and makes them pay. She also tends to spy on people outside of work for fun.


Supai is stealthy, agile, and armed with more than just her teeth and claws.  If her targets manage to escape her, she can loosen her claws, swing her hands, and send them flying at them.


Supai's parasol has retractable spikes on it's rim and a grappling hook hidden at the top. Her fan also has retractable spikes at it's rim. She also has a couple shurikens hidden in her sleeves. Her spy outfit is armed with shurkiens, throwing knives, and a couple pistols.