Underclock is a humanized clock from Underland.

ID Tag: (CLCK)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Golden
Hair Color: Golden

Physical appearance Edit

Underclock has golden colored eyes and medium length gold blonde hair. He wears navy blue clothing. He possesses a pocket watch which he often uses as a monocle. Even though none of them can be seen, his body is filled with various gears.

Persona Edit

Underclock is often described as insane. When he's not off having his special tea (made with thyme and prawns) somewhere, he's usually doing something crazy, like inventing a toaster-clock, neck-clock, etc. When against an opponent, he usually begins by throwing whatever he has in his hand (usually a teacup) at said opponent. He also says he likes dimension hopping with Tyler despite his "bossiness". Almost everything he does is a bit off in some way. He seems to have some sort of protection over him, he once feel of a plane flying over the ocean only for a table and chair to float up from the waters to catch his fall. He has a slight obsession with clocks and an out of nowhere obsession with prawns.

Transformation Edit

When he transforms, Underclock possesses 3-inch claws and two rows of 2-inch teeth. His monoclock also becomes infused with his head.

Abilities Edit

Underclock is able to craft clocks and magically connect them to people to make them age forward or backward. He also has a pocket watch that can open portals.

History Edit

Underclock originally came from the clock dimension, but created a magical pocket watch that opens portals to other dimensions. After many years of dimension hopping, he eventually got lost and ended up in Underland, a place he would call home until he found his way to the main dimension.