God I suck at naming these things

Now it's come to my attention that people (me included) don't think that Creep E. is fit to be an Admin.

And i'm not saying this because I hate his OPness. I'm saying this because I don't want him to become a "bad apple" when it comes to Admins. Let's begin, shall we?

Unfit to be admin

Right here is where I start frowning. He threatens Iron with a ban- basically he wants Iron to say what he wants to hear. There is nothing professional here. Admins don't ban people for disagreeing with them.

Iron did not have the best response here, but he brings up how Creep E has yet to bring up evidence for a discussion.

Oh, boy. First, he goes over how Iron is beneath him- He has power over Iron hee, and he's making sure it's known. He's saying Iron can't talk down, but HE can if                                                                                                                             Iron gets "under his skin". He wants Iron to                                                                                                                         treat him with Respect EVEN THOUGH                                                                                                                             Creep E. here is being VERY disrespectful                                                                                                                         and, oooh, the capiche. That is.. that is very                                                                                                                       unnessecary.

These are all qualities of an admin abuser. And Creep E said that teh admins on another wikia were being UNFAIR, while this is totally fine. So, I'm leaving it up to the masses.

Title of poll

The poll was created at 00:36 on January 17, 2018, and so far 10 people voted.

Oh, one more thing. Creep E, if edit teh vote, remove the vote, or ban me for having the vote, Wikia will deem him to be unfit and, this is a long shit, might actually lead to RWQ's removal from power.

Think I'm making this up? Okay then, have fun with that.

It's fine if you're teh co-owner of the Rp or even the Wikia, but doing this.... and if RWQ dosen't listen to what people think...

Anyways, I'm off.

NEWS ALERT: wiat wait wait guys hold teh phone. While what that said is true, that's for removing the OWNER,not the admins. Sorry about that. TSill, don't edit with this please.