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  • I live in A big house in the middle of a forest
  • I was born on February 17
  • My occupation is Finding weird things in my house
  • I am Male
  • RWQFSFASXC395248

    We will always wait for you.

    "So, you're a dimension hopping clock...human...thing that got lost."

    "Yep, and I need your help!"

    "Sorry, but I'm not a psychiatrist."


    "Psy...never mind."

    I let out a sigh, knowing that he probably wouldn't understand any of my explanations and just divert the conversation using some other random nonsense.

    "So...what do you need help with?"

    "I need you to get me back to my dimension."

    He has his own dimension? There's something I don't want to see.


    He simply leaned up to me and started to invade my space.

    "Using that little dimension hopping ability of yours."

    "Don't you have that pocket watch...thing. How do you even know about my ability?"

    "That's random, you never know where you'll wind up with it."


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  • RWQFSFASXC395248

    Master...where are you? We're lost without you...

    Hello! My name is Tyler! I'm writing this journal in case I die, to ensure anyone who reads it knows what I've been through. So, many years ago, I created this small handheld device that could open portals to other dimensions and record what they were to gain a better understanding on the multiverse. One day, while I was testing the device, it fused into my head. I was then able to teleport to any location in any dimension at any time. These journals will document my travels through the multiverse, and I have to warn you that this journal may disturb you or make you question your reality. So, if you're prepared, let's get started.

    It all began when I was doing a checking out an anomaly in the…

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