Venus is a plant/human hybrid created by Paul.

ID Tag: (V)
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Green

Physical appearance Edit

Venus has green eyes and green nails. She has a voluptuous body, and large breasts. As she is not a true Nightmare, she lacks sharp teeth/claws. Each of her breasts are able to split and open into four leaf-like projections armed with green tinted flytrap-like teeth. When her breasts are opened she is able to shoot out a large amount of vines from them (she calls this her "booby-trap"). She often wears a black leather jacket and black shorts, along with black high-heels.

Persona Edit

Venus used to be very seductive to every man she met, but she currently seems to focus all of those feelings onto Paul. She still tends make men feel uncomfortable. She is very much in love with Paul and will not hesitate to kill anyone who threatens him.

Relationships Edit

Venus is Paul's wife.

Abilities Edit

Venus is able to use her breast vines to restrain people, or grab them and throw them elsewhere. When she's really angry, she sometimes uses her vines to strangle people.

Transformation Edit


History Edit

Venus was created by Paul when he was six to be his friend, but was lost shortly after she was created. She was raised by a prostitute and later took on the job herself. She later decided to quit and seek out her creator. She eventually found and married him.