Wolfy is a wolf that has turned into man.

ID Tag: (W)
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Gray

Physical Appearance Edit

Wolfy looks like a 21 year old man with blue eyes and medium length gray/black hair. He posses 1-inch claws and pointed teeth. He often wears a black tuxedo and black pants.

Persona Edit

Wolfy usually puts on a very polite and gentlemanly façade. but as the moon disappears, so does his manners. By the time of the new moon, he acts like a complete animal. Tearing into food like a dog, barking, and growling at people who anger him, and licking people who he likes.

Relationships Edit

Wolfy considers the rest of the Nightmares as a part of his pack. He also seems to be able to speak to wolves.

Transformation Edit

When Wolfy transforms, he possesses 3-inch claws and two rows of 2-inch teeth. His overall body takes on the appearance of a werewolf(a wolf snout, wolf ears, etc.). Unlike a regular werewolf, he can transform at any time.

Abilities Edit

Wolfy is able to speak to wolves. He also has the strength and speed of a wolf.

History Edit

Wolfy says he turned into a man because, "a more powerful being wanted him to."