Worm Boy is a Nightmare who is composed entirely of worms and a human skeleton.

Worm Boy
ID Tag: (WB)
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Blonde

Physical appearanceEdit

Worm Boy has medium-length blonde hair and yellow eyes. He possesses 1-inch claws and pointed teeth. Save for his skeleton, his entire body is composed of worms. He wears a torn blue t-shirt and yellow pants.


Worm Boy often takes on a childish persona. When he's around adult humans, he acts very sarcastic and almost hateful toward them. He tends to travel by decomposing into a pile of bones and worms and reforming somewhere else. When he is angry at someone, he tends to disperse the worms that make his eyeballs, giving the appearance of empty sockets with worms hanging out.


None. But when he is in combat, he tends to reform his body. He takes body mass from his torso and applies it to his limbs, giving him longer arms and legs. His fingers become extremely long, to the point where they almost drag on the ground.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, Worm boy is able to kill opponents in an extremely efficient manner. He decomposes into Worms then surrounds his opponent. As the worms surround and restrain the opponent, they start to enter their body through the mouth and eat away at the inside. He sometimes likes to make them crawl into their sockets and make their eyes pop out. By the time he's done, only a skeleton remains of his opponent.