Yuki Onna is a snow ghost and Kuchisake's sister.

ID Tag: (YO)
Age: 21(Dead)
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black

Physical appearanceEdit


Yuki Onna has deep blue eyes and long black hair. She wears a powder blue kimono with white trim.

Blending in:

When she doesn't want to be noticed, she keeps her skin very pale, her hair white, and her eyes a silvery color. If someone comes in close range to her, she materializes a white kiomono.


When attacking she usually creates ice claws on her fingertips, often an inch in length.


Yuki Onna is usually rather reclusive, spending her time in remote, snowy wastelands. But she's kind and sweet to anyone who gets to know her. Unfortunately, she's not on good terms with her sister.


Yuki has a telekinetic power over ice and snow, she is also able to dissipate into a cloud of snow if threatened.

Yukidaruma is a sentient snowman created by Yuki.

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Physical appearanceEdit

Yukidaruma normally looks like an average snowman. His body consists of three balls of snow which decrease in size the higher they are. The snowball which comprises his mid-section possesses three lumps of coal which resemble buttons and two twigs which act as arms. His head has two pieces of coal for eyes, seven pieces of coal for a mouth and a carrot for a nose. In battle, Yukidaruma grows to a massive size. He takes on a more humanoid shape with giant tree trunks for arms and razor sharp icicles for teeth.


Yukidaruma is usually very friendly. He's only aggressive if someone threatens Yuki.


Battle form.

Yuki Stealth